FAQ: Collision Insurance

FAQ: Collision Insurance

FAQ: Collision InsuranceAt Sunshine Collision Center, our staff is expertly trained on handling all insurance issues. If you've been in a collision and are looking for a shop that will work diligently to handle insurance matters, don't hesitate to give us a call. Not only will we make sure the insurance process goes smoothly, we'll of course flawlessly return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition so that it's safely drivable again. Here are some of the common questions about collision insurance.

Do I have to take my car to the body shop my insurance agent referred me to?

No, you do not. While your insurance agency may suggest that you should go to a particular shop, it's important to keep in mind that you're the one who gets to decide where your car gets repaired. And the insurance company will still have to pay out the claim if you take your car to a shop other than the one they recommended.

Am I required to get more than one quote for collision repairs?

Some folks have the impression that they're required to get more than one quote for the repairs, but this isn't true. But your insurance company probably would like you to get multiple estimates so that the cheapest option is found.

Will the body shop work directly with my insurance company?

When you take your car to a reputable shop, the staff will handle the insurance matters, meaning you don't have to deal with all that headache. At our shop, we know how to efficiently navigate the insurance bureaucracy.

What will my policy cover?

This will depend on the type of coverage that you opted for when you signed up with your agency. Usually, when people use the term "full coverage," it means that you have liability plus comprehensive and collision.

What body shop in Boca Raton will accept my insurance?

At Sunshine Collision Center, we'll work with any car insurance. When you need collision repair in Boca Raton and the surrounding area, contact Sunshine Collision Center at (561) 556-4669. At our local body shop, we can expertly repair all types of collision damage. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment for your vehicle's auto body needs!

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Posted: January 2022

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