5 Common Ways that Vehicles Get Scratched

5 Common Ways that Vehicles Get Scratched

Especially for those who take great pride in how their vehicles look, car scratches can be wildly frustrating. To prevent rust from getting the chance to take hold, you'll want to soon visit the body shop so an experienced technician can thoroughly repair the scratches and return your vehicle to its previous glory. Oftentimes, the cause of the scratches is perfectly clear, while in other instances it can be more mysterious. Here are five common causes of vehicle scratches.

Improper Washing/Waxing

If you grab any random rag to wash your car, there's a chance that it will be abrasive and cause scratching. Instead, you should only use synthetic microfiber washing mitts to wash your car. These mitts are specifically designed for such tasks and won't cause scratches. You should also use soap that is meant for washing cars, rather than regular household soap. And before you begin waxing, it's best to look closely at your vehicle's surface to make sure there isn't any debris that could be dragged around and cause scratches.

Automatic Car Washes

The brushes in some automatic car washes tend to build up dirt and other debris. If that debris doesn't fully rinse away between vehicles, it can cause scratches as the brushes rub against the next car that goes through.

Malicious Behavior

It's usually obvious when a scratch occurred due to getting "keyed." Because these scratches are often longer and deeper than other scratches, they can be somewhat more challenging to repair.


Big trucks sometimes kick up rocks that damage the windshield or paneling of nearby cars. To reduce the chances of a commercial truck kicking up a rock and scratching your car, you can give more distance whenever you can.


You could unwittingly cause scratches if you lean up against your vehicle and then shift your weight while wearing sharp-edged clothing.

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Posted: May 20, 2021

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