6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Car's Exterior

6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Car's Exterior

To keep your vehicle looking sharp, you'll want to take some basic precautions to protect its exterior. In the event that your vehicle does get scratched or dented, it's always best to repair it quickly so that rust doesn't get the opportunity to take hold. Here are six simple tips for protecting your vehicle's exterior.

Use Proper Washing Materials

Hand-washing is a better way to clean a vehicle's exterior than going to the automatic car wash. But you'll want to make sure you don't use materials that could cause damage. If you use just any old rag, there's a chance that it will be abrasive and cause scratching. Instead, you'll want to use microfiber washing mitts, which are designed for just this sort of task. You'll also want to use automotive-specific soap instead of standard household soap.

Avoid the Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car washes may be convenient, but their brushes are known to collect dirt and other debris. When this debris doesn't completely rinse off, the brush could scratch the next vehicle that goes through.

Wax with Caution

When waxing, it's very important that there is no debris on the surface of your car that could be dragged around and cause scratching.

Spot Cleaning Kit

For fast clean-up of sudden messes, an on-the-go cleaning kit can come in quite handy. This can be used for bird droppings, which are corrosive, and should be cleaned up quickly.

Park in Garage

In the Sunshine State, your vehicle should remain reasonably protected from UV rays, which can cause your vehicle paint to start fading. For this reason, it's best to park in a garage, or at least on the shadier side of the street.

Park Away from Other Vehicles

It's certainly tempting to grab that parking spot right near the entrance, but this will likely leave you sandwiched tightly between other vehicles. This raises the risk of someone opening their car door directly into the side of your vehicle, which could result in a dent or scratches. By taking a spot further toward the back of the lot, you'll reduce the chances of this happening.

If your vehicle's exterior has become scratched or dented and you need auto body repair, be sure to bring your vehicle to a reputable shop. For auto body repair in Boca Raton, contact the experts at Sunshine Collision Center at (561) 556-4669. Feel free to give Sunshine Collision Center a call today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle's auto body needs!

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Posted: February 19, 2021

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